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The Brief Introduction of Ring Joint Gaskets


The status of metal ring type joint gaskets products in the society is very high now, and our demand for them is constantly increasing. Take our current metal ring gasket, which is an example. The metal Ring type joint gasket is made of metal material through some processing steps. The Ring type joint gasket is made by contacting a gasket inside it with a trapezoidal groove inside and outside. After applying some force to them, a closed device is formed. This is the ring that we see in the market now, just like the ring we usually wear.

Ring type joint gaskets can be divided into two types, one is an octagonal shape, the other is an oval shape, both of which are different in structure. For example, when the octagonal pad is in contact, its surface and trapezoid shape are mainly used. The groove is combined, and the oval pad is contacted by a wire and a trapezoidal groove. However, such a sealing effect is better. Of course, this is determined according to actual needs and is not specific. When the metal ring gasket is made, the design is very good. They have many characteristics, such as strong high temperature resistance, strong pressure resistance, good sealing performance, long time of use, reliability and stability. We have brought great convenience.