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Monel 400 Oval Ring Joint Gasket

Monel 400 Oval Ring Joint Gasket

Monel alloy 400 oval ring joint gasket owns good mechanical properties from sub-zero temperatures up to 1020 °F


UNS N04400 Oval Ring Joint Gaskets - RTJ 302

Monel 400 oval ring joint gasket has excellent effectiveness against rapidly running brackish drinking water or seawater, outstanding potential to deal with anxiety corrosion cracking in the majority of fresh waters and also has superb potential to deal with rapidly moving brackish h2o or seawater. Monel alloy 400 oval ring joints gasket is the owner of excellent mechanical components from sub-zero temperatures as much as 1020 °F and it also delivers some potential to deal with hydrochloric and sulfuric acids at modest temperature ranges and levels, but is seldom the information of choice for these acids.

Monel 400 oval ring joint gasket is constructed from the Monel 400, and is particularly a nickel-copper alloy with outstanding oxidation measure of level of resistance in numerous push. Monel 400 is viewed as a good common degeneration measure of amount of resistance, great weld ability and sensible to better vitality. The alloy has been applied in many different computer software. It offers excellent resistance to rapidly jogging brackish h2o or seawater. It really is particularly tolerant against hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids while they are de-aerated. The alloy is slightly magnet at area heating. Monel 400 is often found in the substance, fats and underwater market sectors

Monel 400 Oval Ring Joint Gaskets

Characteristics of Monel 400 Oval Ring Joint Gasket

MoneL 400 alloy Oval Ring Joint Gasket material has outstanding effectiveness against rapidly streaming brackish water or seawater, exceptional potential to deal with tension rust cracking generally in most fresh waters and ideal potential to deal with neutral and alkaline sodium. It really is particularly resistant against hydrofluoric acids if they are de-aerated and high proof against alkalis.

Monel 400 Chemical Composition (%)

UNS Grade Ni 
C ≤
Mn  Si  Cu Fe
N04400 400 63 0.3 2 0.5 0.024 28 - 34

Monel 400 Mechanical Properties

Ultimate Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation % Yield Strength MPa
Density g/cm3
Hardness (HRB)
520 48 240 8.8 70